Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of judging teachings…

Chapter 1- Who is in the right?

Who is in the right? Is it the priest or the Muslim, well who has more money, which is the real question and do they find you that interesting? Honestly religion in general about being right or wrong is about lying and being conservative they never have real conversations about such things.

  1. Religion tends to glorify the opposite of what is natural.
  2. Giving donations is a requirement this is annoying.
  3. They do not know when to give up when it comes to a lot of things…
  4. And lastly a lot of them are undercover police officers and not always good ones.

So, in the end you need to decide but if I could decide for you avoid religion at all costs, it is like a community of nut jobs who escaped the mental institute.


Chapter 2- Seventh Day Adventist

They have strange beliefs, I can’t condone a lot of them, they can be very believable, sometimes it is cool to just agree with it. However, they bring up exciting specifics about prophecies, and some prophet named Ellen G. White, can we bring in how Augusto Gabe is the prophet?

Or will the ATF and F.B.I be upset and say AGA has started a cult?

Why is it they get to preach the same boring message and we can’t preach what we want?