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  1. The Wise Poems Part 1

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The Wise Poems Part 1

Try and find the message inside this…

What makes a person into a God?

What makes you learn from others, and evolve?

How do you stop and not evolve till the time is right?

How do you learn to stick by the truest of brothers, and never dissolve?

Do all good things come to an end? Or is that pretend?

Time is by our side, right? You should stay on top, and do not stop.

Did you get the message?



So, a few questions to think about… Can you be a God to begin with? If we want to keep it simple, yes you can. If you can imagine it, if God means immortal. So, one day you can evolve into this immortal version of yourself, accepting some form of transformation. A lot of us do not like religion for this purpose because it says you need to behave in a very “Sacred” way which means the total opposite of nature.

So essentially to evolve when the time is right properly, means to stick to nature, and by your gut, some sacrifices are needed. But you also need to stick by the mortal brothers and sisters who stay true, the realest of friends. You will have an eternal good connection which will not come to an end, it is not pretend.

Find out the secrets of life and blend a higher reality to it. Do not be scared to stick into the right direction, memories fade, but legacies do not. Especially in the age of technology and eternal traditions, even if we do not agree with all of them.