Chapter 1- Modern Day Sins in The City

Chapter 1

Modern Day Sins in The City


What makes our modern world so complicated? We can look at it like a list.

  1. The city seems to promote Strip Clubs, yet prostitution is illegal in a lot of countries. Is this some sort of Cop vs Cop thing?
  2. The city seems to have a lot of trap houses, and everyone does their own thing, yet they put the young good-looking males in Rehabs and Jails to get sperm, and how often do payouts happen?
  3. And last thing to focus on is, how rude some of the restaurant owners and servers can be. Very rigged, and annoying.

A thought occurred before this chapter ends:

Why do we live in a sinful state? The original 10,000 humans here before us fell from Grace. They were all giants, some more petite then others. These holy immortal beings, gave into the rebellion and the fallen races from outer space convinced our ancestors to sin.

 But last thing to remember is sin of rebellion against the Gods comes from within, not confusing it for the normal sin of the pleasures we all love. They love to bring confusing philosophy, and hundreds of false religions, even if good people do exist in those religions, trying to keep the community together.

 But that is the real world, we fight against demons every day…