Fun, The Bible of Wisdom holds per chapter. Let us create a real bible. Not one from 5,000 years ago… 

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Chapter 2- The Deadly Advice from Musicians

Chapter 2
The Deadly Advice from Musicians…

Why you can’t copy a musician in the way have done. Instead how do you take their style and kill them on their own song.
1. Remember that old Slim Shady song, about killing an artist on their own song. It basically means you need to get their flow, apply your own uniqueness and make their version sound worse, just beast in and out, beat it out.
2. A lot of musicians are only interesting in a short-term paycheck, they are not interested in anything great.
3. Some of the greats realize their biggest flaws in music is they can never achieve every project they may want. This is the hardest part.
4. Sacrifices, one musician may go about it in a Godly form, and the other musician may do it in a more “my own way entirely form.”

It is not that you need to apply yourself in the way some musicians do or follow in the foot-steps. Notice how one of the most successful websites in the whole world which me and my 2 friends built based on the basics, and the music. I did the rest blogging etc. The entire point is I can take credit for most of my success but I would not have that if it wasn’t for my great producer/beat maker, and my awesome web developer Jay is his alias, iQue is the alias of the other.

I do not appreciate some of the things I dealt with in life, especially music, school a music one in particular somewhere in L.A. But I had to deal with a lot of phonies, and I felt like the whole thing is staged and all they wanted was my DNA in that school dorm, which my lawsuit is going through to them.

Nothing wrong with finding your own voice, and following your own formats, but you should always keep in mind that if you want to make it real great, have an addicting theme to the album, to the song, to the entire message. One with a Godly philosophical type of message. Like if you listen to Full of Depression you will step into the shoes of an entertainer who has to make the millions of secret fans happy and addicted through his anger towards the system, in a creative way.
The end for now… This topic can be reopened like a whore house in the future, this matches with the gods…

Chapter 1- Modern Day Sins in The City

Chapter 1

Modern Day Sins in The City


What makes our modern world so complicated? We can look at it like a list.

  1. The city seems to promote Strip Clubs, yet prostitution is illegal in a lot of countries. Is this some sort of Cop vs Cop thing?
  2. The city seems to have a lot of trap houses, and everyone does their own thing, yet they put the young good-looking males in Rehabs and Jails to get sperm, and how often do payouts happen?
  3. And last thing to focus on is, how rude some of the restaurant owners and servers can be. Very rigged, and annoying.

A thought occurred before this chapter ends:

Why do we live in a sinful state? The original 10,000 humans here before us fell from Grace. They were all giants, some more petite then others. These holy immortal beings, gave into the rebellion and the fallen races from outer space convinced our ancestors to sin.

 But last thing to remember is sin of rebellion against the Gods comes from within, not confusing it for the normal sin of the pleasures we all love. They love to bring confusing philosophy, and hundreds of false religions, even if good people do exist in those religions, trying to keep the community together.

 But that is the real world, we fight against demons every day…