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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of judging teachings…

Chapter 1- Who is in the right? Who is in the right? Is it the priest or the Muslim, well who has more money, which is the real question and do they find you that interesting? Honestly religion in general about being right or wrong is about lying and being conservative they never have real […]

The Wise Poems Part 1

Try and find the message inside this… What makes a person into a God? What makes you learn from others, and evolve? How do you stop and not evolve till the time is right? How do you learn to stick by the truest of brothers, and never dissolve? Do all good things come to an […]

Chapter 2- The Deadly Advice from Musicians

Chapter 2 The Deadly Advice from Musicians… Why you can’t copy a musician in the way have done. Instead how do you take their style and kill them on their own song. 1. Remember that old Slim Shady song, about killing an artist on their own song. It basically means you need to get their […]

Chapter 1- Modern Day Sins in The City

Chapter 1 Modern Day Sins in The City   What makes our modern world so complicated? We can look at it like a list. The city seems to promote Strip Clubs, yet prostitution is illegal in a lot of countries. Is this some sort of Cop vs Cop thing? The city seems to have a […]